Dog Chews

All-Natural Dog Chews

Three Snouts' all-natural dog chews are savory treats your pooch will love to sink their teeth into.

No matter which chew you select, they all are fully digestible and 100% natural. Every chew consists of just one single ingredient: premium Egyptian certified beef, chicken, duck, turkey, or wild-caught Red & Mediterranean sea fish or sustainable local fisheries. These delectable treats are free of any additives, colors, fillers or preservatives. All chews are also grain-free and gluten-free. This makes them an ideal choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

Three Snouts’ all-natural dog chews are also beneficial for your canine's gum and dental health. The gnawing and chewing on these treats naturally remove tartar build-up and plaque. Who doesn’t love a sloppy kiss from their dog with fresh breath and shiny white teeth?

Like everything we offer, we are proud to say that these all-natural chews are 100% locally sourced and made in Egypt. Every single treat is hand-trimmed and dehydrated in small batches in our 6th of October Commercial Factory Kitchen. You and your pup will be surprised how fresh and delicious dog chews can be.